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Transportation Guidelines

Bus Rider Rules

Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation  

3550 Allen Street95115
Hudsonville, MI 49426
Phone: (616) 669-7757
Fax: (616) 662-5188

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Transportation Director
Janell Bykerk
(616) 669-7757

The Bus Garage

We are now officially in the new bus garage!!!  Stop  on in for a tour if you want to see it. Not completely moved in yet as far as putting everything in its place but it is getting close. We are all still getting used to the new facility and the new parking arrangements. We have a drive through bus wash which really saves time compared to power washing them by hand. Like I said feel free to stop in for a visit if you want to.

 2014 Inspections

The buses have been inspected for the year. School buses are inspected by the state police once a year, and every bus is looked over.  The inspection, involves the officer checking all the lights, under the hood, inside the bus and rolling under the bus. Basically each bus is looked over for any problems. There are different types of problems that can be found, those where a verbal warning is given, a yellow tag, or a red tag. Verbal warnings are not that serious and the officer will note it and expect not to see the same problem next time. A yellow tag is stuck on the windshield when there is a small issue,  possibly some lights out, and we can use the bus but have a limited time to fix the issue. A red tag, the bus is taken off the road and can not be driven until the issue has been taken care of. Mechanics and drivers are responsible for the condition of the buses...

 Garage going green

The bus garage at Hudsonville is trying to do our part for the environment. We have recycled our valuable metals for many years. Now we have started to recycle our steel also, it is thrown into a bin and picked up by the recycler. All of which we receive money for. We are now having our old oil filters picked up and our used oil is also recycled as well as old batteries, and engine coolant. All paper products are taken to one of the districts paper gators to be recycled aslo. Just our way of trying to help and earn a little money if we can.


Just an interesting article in the Grand Rapids Press some time ago about the spending at Hudsonville Public Schools. Out of the 773 Michigan schools, all sizes, we are 639th in spending per student on our maintenance and operations. We are trying to keep our costs down and provide a safe ride to school.

Trust The Bus Challenge

Did you know that the yellow school bus is 13 times safer as a mode of transportation to and from school than mom or dad’s car? Visit www.americanschoolbuscouncil.com and take the Trust the Bus Challenge .


Wow, the year is coming to an end, ALREADY!!!  Time flys sometimes. We had quite a winter this year and are happy to have made it through. A few stuck buses here and there, and there, and there, but overall not too bad. Thanks to our own grounds guys and their plow trucks pulling us out at times, we sure appreciate that!!. We hope you all hae a wonderful summer, we will be here working on routes and buses. 



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